GEL PLAY LINE-IT Aluminium 4gm

Gel Play Line It  -  Aluminium

 Highly pigmented 

  -  Fully cured in 30 seconds under Akzentz LED or Hybrid lamp 

  -  Tack-free surface 

  -  Smooth application for drawing fine lines

  -  One stroke application with no breaking

Introducing Gel Play: Akzentz new line of soak off, UV/LED cured Gels specifically designed for Nail Art.

Gel Play Paints – 8 highly pigmented colours designed for fine detailed nail art.

Gel Play Glitters – 6 shades of vibrant, heavily pigmented glitters.

Gel Play Glitter Shifters - 6 sparkling glitters that shift their tone depending on base colour.

Gel Play Bling On – Thick consistency gel that stays put and is extra strong to keep gems, stones and embellishments on.

Gel Play Glitter Me – Clear gel base with just the right consistency for adding glitters already owned to create personal glitter gels.

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