Gel Play Certification


Gel Play Certification Class:
Take your art to next level status by becoming a Gel Play Certified Nail Artist.
This unique certification class covers the Gel Play product line of Paints, Glitters, Glitter Shifters, Glitz and Powders.
Class covers various nail art techniques, designs and product knowledge.  

Products required...

  • Gel Art Powder
  • Mini Shine On
  • Mini X-Bond
  • No.2 Art Brush
  • Double Sided Spatula - Stainless Steel
  • Gel Play - Black
  • Gel Play - White
  • Gel Play - Yellow
  • Gel Play - Blue
  • Gel Play - Red
  • Gel Play - Line-It Gold
  • Gel Play - Glitter Gold Crush
  • Gel Play - Glitter Shifter Pink Cove

This online class will take you through all the information, features, benefits and application techniques used to create stunning and easy salon art as well as advanced competition work and design.

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