Gel Certification Course - Beginner

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Our Course has been designed to focus purely on Gel in the format of 'blended learning'.   Available in Australia.

The course consists of 6 x3hour classes of hands on practical experience in a classroom/salon environment for the following units;

  • Unit 1:  Gel Manicures & Pedicures including Spa Manicure & Pedicure (Soak Off Gel)

    • Class 1- Course Introduction, Natural Nail Care & Gel Polish Application

    • Class 2 - Natural Nail Overlay

  • Unit 2:  Gel Enhancements including; Sculptures, Rebalancing, Refills (Hard Gel)

    • Class 3 - Gel Enhancements

    • Class 4 - Maintenance/Refills, Rebalancing & Repairs

  • Unit 3: Salon Nail Art

    • Class 5 - Salon Art &  Design

    • Class 6 - Full Assessment


​In most cases the practical classes are conducted one-on-one or with 2 students, giving you a learning experience that is personal, professional and highly rewarding.

The additional practical and theory units of this course are also completed at your own pace in the comfort of your own home via an online link to the material that will be provided to you at the commencement of your course.

How it works

You will receive training by an experienced and advanced Educator and Nail Artist.
Your Trainer will arrange a time with you to commence your first class.  You can commence this course whenever you are ready and have  filled in and submitted your enrolment forms and the deposit has been paid. 

There are no set start dates, class slots are scheduled with your Trainer.  Students are welcome to set their your own pace with how many classes you would like to do per week (subject to class time availability).  

In your class you will be shown the practical component of the Unit, for example; if you are starting Unit 1 - your trainer will demonstrate how to perform a Spa Manicure & Pedicure and then allow you time to practice this while your trainer is there to watch and guide you.  You will then be required to complete a set amount of 'Homework/Practice' Treatments and will be required to collect evidence of your treatments with both photo's and client consultation forms.  Once you have completed your homework you then make contact with your trainer to arrange a time for your next class.  Therefore you also control how fast or slow you complete your course, depending on how long it takes you to get through your homework tasks.

Included in the cost of this course is a Akzentz Gel Professional Product Kit valued at approximately $680 and a Text Book valued at $125 along with access to all the curriculum.  You will receive a student discount code for the VIVid Nails Store that is valid for 3 months from your course commencement date which will allow you to purchase Gel Products & Accessories at a discounted price as VIVid Nails is also the exclusive Importer for Akzentz Gels in Australia & New Zealand.  Upon successful completion of the course you will be presented with a Certificate of Achievement from VIVid Nails Academy as well as a Certificate from Akzentz Gel.

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