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Our Course has been designed to focus purely on Gel in an online learning format.   Available Australia wide.  This course is created by Viv Simmonds - a International & Australian Multi-Award Winning Nail Artist & Educator.  Viv is featured in all the video tutorials sharing nearly 30 years of experience with her students.


The course consists of 3 Units each containing a number of modules.  Each module is set up to complete step by step with clear and easy to follow Video's that you can pause and resume and practice while watching as well as your theory which is completed at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

The Units are as follows;

  • The Units are as follows;

    • Unit 1:  Gel Manicures / Pedicures (Soak Off Gel)

      • Class 1- Course Introduction, Natural Nail Care & Gel Polish Application

    • Unit 2 - Natural Nail Overlay

    • Unit 3: Salon Nail Art

      • Class 5 - Salon Art &  Design

      • Class 6 - Full Assessment


Each student will also receive a working Kit valued at approximately $500 with Professional products to be able to complete all their practical classes as well as practice time.  

How it works

Once you have completed and paid for your course you will be provided with instant access.  Your kit will be ordered and once received will be posted to you.
You can commence immediately with your first lesson while waiting for your kit to arrive if you choose to so that when you receive your kit you are ready to get started!  

 In your online class you will be shown the practical component of the module, for example; if you are starting Unit 1 - Viv's video will demonstrate how to perform a Gel Manicure with Natural Nail Care and then you will be required to complete a set amount of 'Homework/Practice' Treatments and will be required to collect evidence of your treatments with both photo's and client consultation forms.  The photo's are then inserted in a form which you submit to Viv and she will provide feedback on your work.  Therefore you also control how fast or slow you complete your course, depending on how long it takes you to get through your homework tasks.

You will receive a student discount code for the VIVid Nails Store that is valid for 3 months from your course commencement date or upon completion of your course which will allow you to purchase Gel Products & Accessories at a discounted price as VIVid Nails is also a supplier to professional salons in Australia & New Zealand

Upon successful completion of the course you will be presented with a Certificate of Achievement from VIVid Nails signed by Viv Simmonds - Principal/Director of VIVid Nails Acade

The course cost is $990 and includes the following

  • All video and theory Classes with an Award Winning Educator who has also been advanced trained and has 30 years practical experience in the industry.

  • A trainer (Viv Simmonds) who has taught classes all over Australia as well as in New Zealand, Mexico, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Jose, , UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Puerto Rico, Vancouver, Orlando, Toronto and more.

  • A student kit valued at approximately $600 which will include all the products you will need to complete your classes and your homework assignments.  The kits are all professional products and the leading products in the industry.  

  • A Industry Text Book (Viv created the cover nails for this book and also has some of her competition work featured inside) valued at $60

  • Access to all the curriculum required for this course including homework assignments and information relevant to the course and the industry.

  • A Certificate of Achievement from VIVid Nails signed by Viv Simmonds 


Course Duration:  You will have full access to this online course for 6 months from the date of enrolment.  All assessments must be completed and uploaded to complete this course and receive your Certificate.

Course Extension Fees: An extension period of 1month is available for an additional fee of $200

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