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In this class, Viv will guide you through the process of recreating a fox image from a picture, using Gel Art Paint and hand painting techniques. You will learn valuable tips and tricks for deconstructing an image, making it easier to transfer onto a smaller nail-sized canvas while maintaining proper proportions. This specialized technique will teach you essential skills such as blending, shadowing and shading, using various brushes for different effects, and detailed work. These skills can be incorporated into other designs, such as flowers and faces, making this technique an invaluable addition to your skill set.


You will have 2 options available for this class, you can either purchase the CLASS ONLY or you can purchase the CLASS WITH KIT.

Kit is valued at $229

Please note if purchasing with the KIT the Kit will include the following:

-No1 Brush

 -No2 Brush

-No6 Brush

-Gel Play Colours : Raw Sienna / Brown / Nude / Black / Titanium White

-Matte On

Please note: Colours/products can not be swapped. 

Please note postage is included in the 'Class with Kit' Price


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