Gel Art Painting - Aussie Koala

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This class will walk you through re-creating this Koala from the start to finish. Our focus is on proportions, shading and detailing. Students will learn how to break down an image to make it easier to transfer onto a small canvas while keeping the detail as well as learning to use various brushes for different effects and outcomes and the use of gel paints for control. This is a fun class with a gorgeous Australian native animal.

class breakdown

The class will cover the following breakdowns…
* Proportions
* Breaking down an image to transfer to a smaller canvas
* The use of various brushes
* Using Gel Paints
* Shadowing to create depth
* Highlighting to enhance
* Detailing to enliven

student objectives

Look at an image and identify how it can be broken down into shapes or grids to recreate. Students will learn to sketch their first draft and how to start a detailed design and the steps and layers that go into the finished piece.

supplies needed

 Akzentz Products

 Brushes; No.1, No.2, No.6

 Gel Paint; Black, Titanium White, Brown, Red

 Matte-On & Shine On

 A fine detailer brush in size 00 or 000

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