Proformance Certification Course

Proformance Certification Course

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Online Course 


In this class we will cover the following topics...

  • Natural Nail Overlay using Trinity
  • Difference between the various viscosities
  • Sculpting with Enhance and Balance
  • Using the cover gels
  • Form Fit
  • Removal
  • French Sculpture
  • Video for photography
  • Ultra Gloss topcoat
  • Adding strength to natural nail mani
  • Using Enhance, Trinity or Balance to embed

Included in your kit...

  • Sculpture Forms
  • 111 Brush
  • Adhere
  • Balance Cool Pink
  • Trinity
  • Enhance
  • Control Natural White
  • Ultra Gloss
  • Prep & Wipe mini
  • White Classic File
  • White Block Buffer
  • Cuticle Pusher

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