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Our New Gel Play Fantasy Collection is now available for Pre-Order. 

These will shipped out after Oct 1st 2020.  

These are available in Full Size 4gm and also available in the Limited Edition Minis (3x2gm) so get yours now before they sell out! 

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NOW Available on store for PRE-ORDER.  6 x 5ml of the new Luxio Rendezvous Collection As they are limited edition, Once they are gone they are gone. Luxio Sentiment, Luxio Secret, Luxio Sultry, Luxio Provoke, Luxio Tryst and Luxio Cryptic are the new six colours of the New Luxio Rendezvous collection.   FULL size will be on the store soon 

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What a day! Our first Show & Tell Virtual Expo via Zoom! Special thanks to my team🥰😘 and my 'right hand man' Kelly Casey ❣️- who spent the day on my dining table working behind the scenes and on the scene to make sure all ran smoothly! Another special thanks to Akzentz for their support! 😍 To Patricia McLean from Emendee nail tables for your AWESOME presentation on working in a Safe Covid Workspace and of course all the beautiful people who joined us yesterday! It was a great day and fun catching up with everyone around Australia & New Zealand! ❤️

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Grab a coffee and have a flick through our program for our Show & Tell Virtual Expo on Sunday June 21st 2020.

You can see all the classes being presented and by which ACE Educator along with a timeframe for their class.


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