Tangerine Iridescent

Tangerine Iridescent

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A coral orange translucent glitter with yellow undertones. This glitter changes colour depending on what base it is placed over.

  • Using Lecente™ G1 Brush pat and press the glitter firmly onto the color coat
  • Once desired coverage is achieved burnish the glitter onto the nail to remove loose particles, to ensure the glitter lies flat and no rough edges are left.
  • Seal the glitter with clear shade of gel polish and cure.
  • Apply Top Coat and cure.
  • Remove top film with lint-free pad lightly saturated a gel cleansing product


  • Translucent glitter in 0.008 cut.
  • Made from cosmetically approved colourant for nails.
  • Colour is sandwiched between the 2 smooth sheets of copolymer meaning the colour will never bleed or fade.
  • Glitter has an infinite shelf-life.



  • Our most versatile glitter. Appearance will change over different base colours.
  • Can be applied directly on to cured layer gel polish, mixed in with Liquid & Powder, Hard Gel and Removable gels, mixed with or applied on to nail polish.



The requirements for nail cosmetics and other parts of the body differ greatly.

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