Luxio 10pc French Collection

The Luxio 10 pc Perfect for French Collection, the most gorgeous colors for French on the market. Beautiful pigment, No streaking!

Blush - Sheer blush 

Breeze - Sheer lavender pink

Delicate - Sheer bubble gum pink

Demure - Sheer peachy-pink

Coy - Sheer soft white 

Cremelle - Sheer nude

Haven - Semi-sheer pink nude

Innocent - Sheer pink

Polar - Perfect opaque bright white

Pure - Beautiful opaque soft white 

All 10 bottles are full size.

Akzentz Luxurious 100% soak off gel polish colors and glitters in a bottle for perfect control and ease of application. 

Luxio is 100% pure gel that is odorless and solvent free.  

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