Hybrid UV/LED Gel Lamp

 This amazing lamp cures both UV and LED formulated gels in mere seconds! Get a harder, faster cure on all your gels with this new lamp that emits a specific wavelength of light that cures deeper and better! All your colors will cure more fully and your hard gels will be stronger.

Cures both UV and LED soak-off gels, hard gels, top coats, and gel polishes. No need to switch modes you can cure all types of gel at the same time.

The new Akzentz Hybrid Pro lamp not only cures all types of gel, it cures them without ever having to replace a bulb. The lamp uses a computer technology to emit both types of light needed to cure both UV and LED gel simultaneously. UV gels cure in 60s or less so no more having to wait 2+ minutes!!! LED gels cure in 30s or less.

Another great feature of this lamp is the motion sensor and button push settings. You can control the lamp with the push of the button or allow the motion sensor inside to turn on the lamp automatically. No need to switch back and forth like with previous lamps (i.e. having to unplug and replug your lamp to switch modes).

1 Year Warranty on Factory Defects.  Warranty does not cover breaks, drops or misuse.


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