Gel Play Mermaid Collection


One of our fav colour collections Akzentz released is he Gel Play Mermaid Collection! 

Featuring 6 beautiful fine Glitter Shifters will layer beautifully over any color. 

Over black you will see the colour most vibrantly, but layer over different colours to see different effects.

-Orca Blue

-Tidal Teal

-Pink Cove

-Purple Sirene

-Green Sea

-Coral Reef


 Gel Play

UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY with Akzentz newest line of UV/LED soak off gel that is specifically developed for nail art. Bring out your creative spirit with the unmatched potential of these highly pigmented colours and glitters. Gel Play is the ultimate choice for creating vibrant gel art.

Created in 5 different varieties to match your artistic vision:

GEL PLAY PAINTS - densely pigmented colours designed for fine detailed nail art.

GEL PLAY GLITTERS - shades of vibrant heavily pigmented glitters.

GEL PLAY GLITTER SHIFTERS - sparkling glitters that shift their tone depending on base colour.

GEL PLAY GLITTER ME - Clear gel base with just the right consistency for adding glitters already owned to create personal glitter gels.

GEL PLAY BLING ON - Thick consistency gel that stays put and is extra strong to keep gems stones and embellishments on.

Can be cured in UV for 2mins or LED for 30secs 




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