Beauty2trs - Online Fox Painting Class

Beauty2trs - Online Fox Painting Class

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This class is available through the Beauty2trs platform - click the link below to access the class and payment information. 

This class is designed to teach you how to find a photo and recreate the picture on to a nail.

Gel Art Painting – Recreating a Fox from a picture 

class description

I will walk you through step by step on recreating this fox from the picture. The class is all hand painted using Gel Art Paint. I will cover the tips and tricks to breaking down an image to be able to easy transfer it to a nail size and maintain proportions. This class is more a specialised technique which will teach you blending, shadowing & shading, use of various brushes for different effects, detail work and more. The benefit of learning this technique is that it can be incorporated into other designs eg. flowers, faces.

class breakdown

Step 1. Using the photo image to break it down into sections to be able to recreate it on the nail.
Step 2. Sketching out the design
Step 3. Applying the base coloring
Step 4. Applying a touch of detail
Step 5. Painting the eyes
Step 6 onwards – filling in all the rest of the shading and details

student objectives

Students will learn to use various brushes for different effects throughout the course along with various painting techniques – shading, blending, detail etc. The student will also be able to look at a picture and know how to break it down to transfer it to another canvas – being a nail or anything else.

supplies needed

 Brushes - No.000 or 00, Akzentz No.1, Akzentz No.2, Akzentz No.6
 Akzentz Gel Art Paint- Raw Sienna, Brown, Nude, Black & Titanium White - Various Browns, Black & White
 Akzentz Matte On Top Coat
 Lamp, very good lighting, gel cleanser, wipes etc - products & equipment used to create gel nails
 Grey led pencil with a very fine point
 A tip and something to hold it with

how to earn a certificate

Join my Beauty2trs Facebook Group and upload a picture of your finished piece in order to obtain a certificate.

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