Mini Cure - Portable Gel Lamp

Mini Cure - Portable Gel Lamp

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Don’t judge this lamp by its size! this 7 watt mini LED light is more powerful than you think. This will cure any LED gel polish and LED hard gel.

  • perfect portable LED source, comes with purple sequin storage bag.
  • 45 sec. built in timer…easy to use too!
  • charge your mini-cure using supplied core into any power source, once light is NOT blinking this means your mini-cure is fully charged.
  • full charge will last approx. 40 uses

To turn on…

Press and hold, when you see blinking lights, let go an immediately press again. now your mini-cure is on. simply press to use and it automatically activates the 45 sec. timer.

To store your mini-cure… press and hold until you see blinking again, this turn the light off.

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