Fine Line Salon Design

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Learn to create fine line designs for the salon

Hi and welcome to this class!  I have to say I really enjoyed creating this class - the designs were so much fun and I loved the end results! I hope you enjoy this type of design as much as I do! - Viv Simmonds-

What you will need...

  • 000 or 00 Fine Line Detail Brush
  • Akzentz No.6 Design Brush
  • Akzentz Prep and Wipe
  • Akzentz Gel Wipes
  • Akzentz Matte-On
  • Akzentz Shine-On
  • Akzentz Gel Play - Titanium White
  • Akzentz Gel Play - Black
  • Akzentz Gel Play - 2 Colors of your choice (include a green for leaves)


You will have 2 options available for this class, you can either purchase the CLASS ONLY or you can purchase the CLASS WITH KIT.

Kit is valued at $188.50

If purchasing with the KIT the Kit will include the following:

-Matte On

-Gel Play Paint Flame Red

-Gel Play Paint Lime Green

-Gel Play Paint Titanium White

Gel Play Paint Black

-No2 Brush

-No 6 Brush

Please note: Colours/products can not be swapped.

Postage is included in the 'Class with Kit' Price

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