Vanilla Nail Sliders - Swirls Pattern Sliders

Vanilla Nail Sliders - Swirls Pattern Sliders

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Cut the desired Slider out.

Prepare nail as usual when conducting a service.

Apply 1 coat of Base Coat and cure.

Place Slider in very warm water for 10 seconds

Slide of backing paper very gently

Place on nail and adjust to a position your happy with cure for 10 seconds.

Top with top coat and cure

Full sliders will become stretchy when water is very warm so gently stretch if desired. BE GENTLE as they are thin and if stretched too much they will break.

When you are happy with placement smooth out any wrinkles if there are any.

Put topcoat on and cure, making sure you cover the sidewalls and free edge.

If Sliders are placed in cold water they will not stretch and will break.

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