Hit The Bottle Polishes - White 12ml (Snowed In)

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A white creme polish that can also be used as a regular polish. Stamps well over black.

All 9 holo stamping colours

Silver - "Holo there Beautiful!"
Pale Red - "Under the Strobe-berry lights"
Gold - "Glint of Gold"
Green - "Lucky Spark"
Blue - "Hololulu Blue"
Purple - "Amethyst Sizzle"
Pink - "Musk have the Holo"
Lavender - "Prismatic Purple"
Aqua - "Turquatic"

These polishes also watermarble and can be used as regular polish. Reflecting a rainbow of colours at certain angles.

All polishes are 5 free and made from cosmetically approved materials. Vegan and cruelty free.